1. Anti-Bullying Policy

    Read through the official anti-bullying policy.

  2. Before-Aftercare

    Before-Aftercare (PDF)

  3. Code of Student Conduct

    Find out what the official code of conduct is for students of our school.

  4. Curriculum Night ELA (PDF)

    Find out what happens at the ELA curriculum night.

  5. Curriculum Night Math (PDF)

    Find out what happens at the Math curriculum night.

  6. First Day Packet

    Learn about what will happen at the first day of school for the school year.

  7. East Campus PTA

  8. Parent Volunteer Information

  9. Guide to Proactive Discipline (PDF)

    Find out how the school suggests dealing with proactive discipline options.

  10. Lockdown Procedures (PDF)

    Read through official lockdown procedures.

  11. Parent Curriculum Night Introduction (PDF)

    Find out what happens at the parent curriculum night.

  12. School Improvement Plan (PDF)

    School Improvement Plan (PDF)

  13. Science Fair Packet (PDF)

    Review this packet to find out the guidelines for the science fair.

  14. Tech Night Brochure (PDF)

    Tech Night Power Point

  15. Wellness Policy (PDF)

  16. Parent Liaisons

  17. Monthly News

  18. SOS Campaign

  19. Summer Reading

  20. Supply Lists