Promotion/Retention Information

Retention & Promotion

  • For detailed information regarding student retention and promotion, please view the School Board's policy document 6000.1.

    ELEMENTARY PROMOTION: Student Performance Levels for reading, writing, mathematics and science: In addition to the specific promotion criteria for reading and mathematics listed in the following matrix, promotion decisions must take into account a student’s proficiency in writing and science (based on proficiency levels to be determined by the District and/or the State Department of Education) (F.S. 1008.25(2)). The evaluation of each student’s progress must be based upon classroom work, observations, tests, District and State assessments and other relevant information. NOTE: No single assessment is the sole determiner of promotion. Third grader’s a subject to stricter promotion criteria as outlined in the link above.

Alternative Promotion Criteria-Good Cause (F.S. 1008.25(6)(b)): Any student who does not meet the reading and/or mathematics promotion criteria in the previous matrix may be promoted if the student meets one of the Good Cause options in Policy 6000.1, Appendix A and documentation submitted from the student’s teacher to the school principal indicates that the promotion is appropriate based upon the student’s academic record. All Good Cause decisions must be made and recorded by the end of the school year or the end of 3rd grade reading camp for 3rd graders, except in extenuating circumstances. Recommendations for promotion based on good cause shall be reviewed by the principal and discussed with the teacher for the determination as to whether the student should be retained or promoted. If the school principal determines that the student meets good-cause promotion criteria, the school principal shall make such a recommendation in writing to the superintendent. The superintendent shall accept or reject the principal’s recommendation in writing (F.S. 1008.25(6)(c)). In order to minimize paperwork requirements, such documentation shall consist only of the existing Progress Monitoring Plan (PMP), Individual Education Plan (IEP), if applicable, report card or portfolio.

There are many options for good cause promotion. Please view Policy 6000.1 (Appendix A, page 76) for all of the details.

*The portfolio option is to be used only when all other Good Cause options have been exhaust­ed.

**If promoted under these criteria, intensive reading instruction must include an altered instruc­tional day based upon a PMP that includes specialized diagnostic information and specific read­ing strategies.

***If promoted under these criteria, intensive reading and/or mathematics instruction must in­clude an altered instructional day based upon a PMP that includes specialized diagnostic infor­mation and specific reading and/or mathematics strategies.